9" Drums to Slider Disc Brakes

We have a slant-six powered 1965 Plymouth Barracuda that was originally equipped with 9" drum brakes all around. This project documents the upgrade of the brakes on this car to the slider disc brakes used on 1973-1976 A-Bodies. This page is work-in-progress and so far we haven't made very much progress (no time!).

Upgrading these brakes is much easier when a parts car is used since all of the parts necessary for the conversion will be readily available. The parts car used in this project is a 1973 Duster acquired from a Tennessee junk yard through eBay.

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Shopping list

Item Part Number
Front Suspension Kit  
UCC Cam Bolts  
11" Rotors
  • ACDelco 18A15
  • Napa NB 4885566
  • Napa UP 85566
10" x 2½" Brake Drums
  • ACDelco 18B2
  • Napa TS 4401129
  • Napa UP 6401129
Brake Pads
  • ACDelco 17D84
  • Napa TS TS7017
  • Napa SS SS7017
  • Napa UP AE7017
Brake Shoes
  • ACDelco 17329B
L & R Front Brake Hose
  • ACDelco 18J49
Rear Brake Hose
  • ACDelco 18J23
Left Caliper
  • ACDelco 18R579
Right Caliper
  • ACDelco 18R580
13/16" Wheel Cylinders
  • ACDelco 18E268
  • NAPA 37696
  • Raybestos WC37696
  • United 37696
  • Wagner F113704
Master Cylinder

(w/ Power Brakes)

  • ACDelco 18M1060
  • Napa
Master Cylinder

(w/ Manual Brakes)

  • ACDelco 18M1060
  • Napa
Caliper Hardware Kit
  • ACDelco 18K227
Brake Drum Spring Kit
  • ACDelco
  • Napa UP 2209
Brake Drum Adjuster Kit (Left)
  • ACDelco 18K12?
  • Napa UP 80677
Brake Drum Adjuster Kit (Right)
  • ACDelco 18K13?
  • Napa UP 80678
Front Bearings
  • ACDelco S377
Axle U-Bolts  


(photos to follow)