Technocarb had fumigation underhood conversion kits for a several application-specific applications.  The fumigation systems used venturi-style mixers and, unlike Impco's gas valve style mixers, had no moving parts that could wear out over time and therefore required no maintenance.

Cooperation with A.E.B. Electronics resulted in the production of components specific to North American-made vehicles, including the EFS100 controller, the first affordable self-adjusting, adaptive learn feedback system. the EFS100 was superseded by the EFS600 FuelMaster controller.  The EFS600 controller included all the integrated features required to achieve compatibility with O.E.M. OBD II technology, and it was "tamper-proof".

The electronic EFS600 controller incorporated all the functions required to manage and control the entire conversion system, including the injector and fuel-pump disabling, the alternative fuels’ air-fuel ratio, the timing, advance processing, and the OBD-II interface.  The EFS600 conversions are now obsolete and replacement parts are no longer available.


EFS600 Controller


EFS600 Features

  • Proven and reliable technology
  • Vehicle-specific programming/calibration
  • Simple to install and diagnose
  • Fail-Safe circuitry and parameters
Technocarb Venturi Mixer


Obsolete Mixer Conversions