Fuel Injection to upgrade your carbureted car.

We have designed adapters for mounting Rochester 220 TBI units on slant six engines. More will be developed depending upon the feedback received. If you have a need, let us know and we'll try to build one for you.

Adapter - Rochester TBI to small 2bbl base ADAPTER to mount Rochester 220 TBI onto a small 2bbl base (like a Carter BBD). Due to the large difference in barrel size and spacing between the throttle body and the manifold, this adapter is a two-piece design. The bottom plate is 1/2" thick while the upper plate is 3/8" thick.
Not yet built. ADAPTER to mount Rochester 220 TBI onto an Offenhauser slant six 4bbl manifold. Due to the size and spacing of the barrels of this throttle body, the throttle shafts of the TB are parallel to the engine. The exhaust manifold mounting bolt cut-out on the intake's carburetor base prevents TB from sealing properly if mounted conventionally. The TB is centered over the holes farther from the engine.

A two piece design would allow the TB to be mounted similar to the Super Six design but would double the price of the adapter and add 3/8" to the height of the adapter.