Because of the unsuitability of using LPG fumigation equipment on EFI engines, the only practical alternative is an injection conversion. For those applications that don't have a model-specific kit available, many people have been left without a viable option for converting their personal vehicles. Technocarb has created economical universal bi-fuel vapor injection conversion kits to fill this void for 3&4-cylinder, 5&6-cylinder, & 8-cylinder engines. LPG V-10 Dodge and LPG V-10 Ford conversions are also available but are somewhat more expensive due to the smaller economies of scale to produce the V-10 controller. Installing these systems is a bit more work than bolting-on an Impco mixer and converter in place of a carburetor but injection conversions work much better and are more fuel-efficient. Besides being fully OBDII-compliant (no check engine lights) and having better fuel economy, the other advantage of injection conversion systems is that they eliminate any possibility of intake manifold failures from backfires.

Windows-based configuration software is included in the package so a laptop computer and an interface cable are required to configure the conversion. We recommend using Technocarb's SVIS conversion kit. The work involved with any injection conversion is very similar to the SVIS Chevrolet Impala conversion.

Check with the emission testing authority in your jurisdiction before performing any modification. Always have your system professionally inspected and approved before putting any fuel into the new propane system.

EFI Conversions - USA

European conversion system manufacturers cater to the smaller vehicles that most people typically drive. However, due to the emission control requirements imposed by the US EPA, very few European manufacturers have any EPA-certified systems available for commercial installation in the USA. The cost of obtaining EPA-certification is extremely high ($150,000+) and the 1-year certificate only applies to a particular vehicle (model, engine, year). CARB-certification costs even more. As a result, very few EPA or CARB certified conversions are available and the few that are available are only for fleet vehicles like the Ford Crown Victoria where the alternative fuel system manufacturer has any hope of recovering its investment.

Alternative fuel system conversion shops can be fined for installing a non-EPA certified system. In states requiring CARB emission control systems, the presence of a non-certified system on an engine can potentially even cause the vehicle to fail the visual test. It is possible for individual vehicle owners to modify their vehicles as they see fit and modifications can potentially pass an emission test if the vehicle owner does not tamper with the emission control equipment. The beauty of injection conversions is that all of the vehicle's emission control equipment remains in place and fully functional. When properly configured, injection conversions can also be fully OBDII-compliant.

EFI Conversions - Canada

In Canada, European injection systems meeting EN67 can potentially meet Canadian safety standards and the emission regulations generally only require the vehicle's tailpipe emissions to be as clean on the alternative fuel as it is on gasoline.

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