HEI e-Core Coil

Since we're not likely using the large-cap HEI distributors that have the coil mounted in the distributor cap, we need to get a remote-mount e-core coil. There are 3 e-core options to choose from:

  • AC Delco D577 - 1996-2007 GM with the 3-pin plug & internal pin
  • AC Delco D503A - 1986-1995 GM with the 4-pin plug & external stud
  • Motorcraft DG470 - 1983- 1997 Ford and Mazda electronic ignition


HEI e-Core Pigtail

The old canister coils use ring connectors to connect to the coil.  The best way to connect to the new e-core coil is with its matching pigtail.



HEI e-Core Coil Wire

If you're using an e-core coil, the coil wire could potentially be reused from a junkyard system but spark plug wires can be too old to be reused.  It would be better to source a new coil wire or modify your existing coil wire with the correct e-core coil terminal and boot.


AC Delco D577 System

AC Delco D577 Coil 3-pin Pigtail Coil Wire
(Internal Pin)


AC Delco D503a System

AC Delco Coil D503a Coil 2-pin Pigtail Set Coil Wire
Standard Motor Products S562 (Gray)
Standard Motor Products S563 (Black)
Standard Motor Products PN 814CA


Motorcraft DG470 System

Motorcraft DG470 Coil 2-pin Pigtail Coil Wire
Standard Motor Products PN S539
Standard Motor Products PN 814CA


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